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PrioSense CWD Venison Test Kit

PrioSense CWD Venison Test Kit

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If you are curious about the CWD status of a deer you just harvested or the one in the freezer from last season, Priogen has your answer. PrioSense CWD is a first of its kind CWD test available to the public. Current CWD testing options through state agencies or laboratories rely on samples such as lymph nodes or brain, but sometimes you no longer have those samples or do not wish to test through those routes. (Note: please follow all state, provincial, and federal regulations for mandatory testing.)

PrioSense CWD can give you an answer by testing the meat (fresh, frozen, or processed) from your deer or elk for CWD prions with cutting edge, proven technologies born out of the University of Minnesota. Priogen's PrioSense CWD kits provide everything you need, including return shipping, to submit a venison sample for testing. Order your kit now in preparation for your next deer or the one you already bagged.

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Results will be emailed to the customer within two weeks upon Priogen's receipt of the sample, with an expedited 1 week option available.

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