CWD Venison Test Kit
CWD Venison Test Kit

Multi-Test Packs: Single Test (One muscle sample)

CWD Venison Test Kit
CWD Venison Test Kit
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Powerful CWD testing with ease

Our CWD venison test kits utilize state-of-the-art technology developed at the University of Minnesota to detect CWD prions in deer or elk meat, whether fresh, frozen, or processed. Priogen provides all necessary materials, including prepaid return shipping, to conveniently submit your venison sample for testing. Prepare for your next hunt or test the deer you've already harvested by ordering your kit today.

Helping to protect hunting heritage:

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Restoring confidence

Priogen is stepping forward to help ensure hunters can test harvested animals and to keep rich hunting traditions alive.

Increasing access

Priogen provides the public with access to the most powerful CWD tests available, RT-QuIC and Nano-QuIC™ technologies.

Peace of mind

Test your venison, provide peace of mind to friends and family

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Excellent service

Excellent service! Thanks

— David

Every year!

Very easy straightforward. I will use this every year after a successful deer or elk hunt.

— Riley

Easy and fast

Easy to use Kit.  Very fast turnaround time for results.

— Richard

Easy, fast, clear instructions

Easy process and fast results. The test kit included clear instructions and I had my results in under a week.

— Austin

Valuable service

Easy to follow directions and fast results.  Thanks for providing a valuable service.

— Sean

Fast turnaround

Great service and a fast turnaround. I hunt every year in a county in WV which is adjacent to a county with confirmed cases but only offers “slow” testing through taxidermists to my knowledge. I only found out about this product via a web search for home CWD testing. You guys should definitely try to get some more publicity/awareness regarding your product in the future. Thank you!

— Joseph

Easy and fast

Test was easy to understand and follow directions, results came back in good time!

— Michael

Ease my mind

Nice to have the peace of mind

— Matt