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We operate one of the largest prion seeded amplification diagnostic labs in the world and have years of experience with high-throughput QuIC testing, seeded amplification protocol design, and related statistical analyses.

Exceptional Quality

Our RT-QuIC and Nano-QuIC™ service tests are performed using industry-leading reagents, following published methods. Positive and negative controls are used with multiple sample replicates and rigorous statistical analyses are conducted, with timely results provided to the customer.

Accurate Testing

Priogen's testing services are sensitive, accurate, and repeatable. A wide variety of sample types can be tested including biological tissues and fluids as well as environmental samples. We leverage peer-reviewed protocols to provide customers access to the latest, cutting-edge prion diagnostics.

Research services highlight:

We partner with academic, state, tribal, and federal scientists to conduct advanced prion disease surveillance

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Deer Scrape Testing

Expand your surveillance effort for CWD by testing scrape soil and licking branches. Proven to detect CWD months or years before traditional methods.

Live Animal Surveillance

Leverage our Tricision™ CWD live animal testing for deer, elk, and caribou. We also provide live-animal testing for scrapie in sheep, and goats.

Grants & Consulting

We offer core testing services for grant proposals and research projects as well as prion disease consulting services. A wide range of tissues, fluids, and environmental samples can be tested using our RT-QuIC and Nano-QuIC™ platforms.

Animal diseases we can help with:

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Easy process and fast results. The test kit included clear instructions and I had my results in under a week.

— Austin

Excellent service, thank you!

— David

Every year! I will use this every year after a successful deer or elk hunt.

— Riley

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