Tricision Live Animal Testing

Priogen's Tricision live animal testing program revolutionizes CWD management through triangulatory testing of three sample types. Unlike traditional methods, all Tricision samples are secured using disposable tools, thus eliminating risk of introducing CWD to new herds through contaminated surgical tools. Tricision is minimally invasive and repeatable testing allows for early detection.

  • Tricision results are based on 3 sample types, tested in parallel. Conventional live-animal testing using rectal biopsies is ~75-80% accurate and has a high false-negative rate due to inability to detect early-stage infections. Priogen's proprietary diagnostic testing protocols using QuIC technologies provide unparalleled CWD diagnostic accuracy.
  • Results from tissues or a combination of samples directly from animals indicating a CWD-positive or suspect animal will be reported to the appropriate State/Provincial/Federal agencies as required by law. (Note: please follow all state, provincial, and federal regulations for mandatory testing.)

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