Herd-Level Surveillance

Introducing a new standard in the real-time monitoring and management of CWD

Real-time environmental prion surveillance using state-of-the-art proprietary methods

Priogen's services are for anyone concerned about infectious prions spreading to wildlife or livestock on their land. Our proprietary approach leverages the latest QuIC technologies and is proven to catch CWD early, months before traditional diagnostic tests.

Safeguard Your Investment

We work with property owners and managers to develop customized prion data collection and monitoring plans. Priogen is ready to assist you whether you are currently managing CWD or looking to catch the earliest signs of disease to prevent spread. Our state-of-the-art lab, proprietary testing techniques, and cutting edge research provide essential data for ranch and farm management.

For more information, please email sales@priogen.bio or call 612-200-2643 ext 2.

(Please follow all state, provincial, and federal regulations for mandatory testing.)

  • Ranch 1

    Priogen's sentinels were placed within tube feeders in 4 pens of whitetail deer for prion surveillance. Swabs were taken after 1 week and tested by Priogen. Infectious prions were identified and the ranch was informed. Continued swabbing confirmed prion presence. After 1 year CWD was confirmed in the herd using traditional ELISA and IHC testing. Priogen's test results gave the ranch 1 year to monitor and prevent additional CWD spread.

  • Ranch 2

    Sentinels were deployed in gravity feeders across multiple pens on a known CWD positive whitetail deer ranch. Swabbing and testing identified infectious prions in a single pen. The owner used Priogen's Tricision live-animal testing to identify 2 CWD postitive deer. The 2 animals were culled, lymph nodes tested following state and federal regulations, and CWD was confirmed. Priogen's swabbing and Tricision live-animal testing allowed the producer to actively manage CWD on his property to prevent additional spread.

  • Ranch 3

    An elk ranch owner wanted to test for peace-of-mind using our environmental sentinels. Sentinels were deployed in feed bunks, swabbed and tested with RT-QuIC. No evidence of infectious prions was identified.

How Does It Work?

Infectious prions are shed in saliva of infected animals about 2 to 3 months after exposure. Priogen aquired proprietary technology to recover prions from particular surfaces for RT-QuIC testing. We leverage this technology to provide the earliest possible prion detection approach, allowing for exciting new managament strategies.