PrioScout™ (includes 3 mail-in swab kits)

PrioScout™ (includes 3 mail-in swab kits)

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PrioScout Instructions


Materials Included

  • 1 PrioScout
  • 3 mail-in swab kits with pre-paid postage
  • 1 zip-tie for lid security
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PrioScout™️ ­– Your Frontline Defense Against CWD *

Leverage PrioScout™ and Priogen's RT-QuIC testing to detect CWD at its earliest
stages, protecting animal health, reducing environmental prion contamination,
and conserving precious time and resources for producers and regulators.

Bundled with 3 mail-in swab kits, PrioScout™ enables you to conduct timely
RT-QuIC-based assessments at 3 strategic points, ensuring thorough surveillance of your
herd's CWD status.

The Science Behind PrioScout™

CWD prions are shed into the saliva of deer and elk 2 to 3 months after infection. Priogen aquired proprietary technology (described here) to recover prions from particular surfaces for RT-QuIC testing. We leverage this technology to provide producers the earliest possible prion detection approach, allowing for new managament strategies.

  • Pre-Transport

    Deploy PrioScout™ in deer or elk enclosures 1 to 2 months ahead of transportation. Utilize three swab events to scrutinize for CWD prion
    shedding. Detection prompts an immediate halt and further examination with Tricision™, our live-animal testing option. PrioScout™ is the only herd-based pre-shipment option for CWD screening across the USA and Canada. Also perfect for deer rehabilitation centers wanting to confim CWD status before release.

  • Continuous Surveillance

    CWD infected deer or elk may take extended periods to display clinical signs or return positive results using conventional tests. PrioScout™ provides producers with proactive and continuous CWD monitoring, ensuring peace of mind.

  • Active CWD Management

    Has CWD already been found on your ranch? It is important to monitor the potential spread of CWD in the herd. PrioScout™ helps to actively monitor your property. It can be used to identify groups or individuals that are CWD positive, with confirmatory live-animal testing performed using Tricision™. This not only empowers producers but also provides vital insights to state and federal agencies, enabling informed, immediate, and effective management decisions.

Results will be emailed to the customer within two weeks upon Priogen's receipt of the sample.

*Product is intended for use in high-fenced facilities. Follow all local, state, provincial, and federal laws.