PrioScout™ CWD Sentinel
PrioScout™ CWD Sentinel

PrioScout : Hardware Only

PrioScout™ CWD Sentinel

The science behind PrioScout™

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CWD Prions in Saliva

CWD prions are found in the saliva of deer and elk about 2 to 3 months after an infection

Surface Swabbing

Priogen aquired proprietary technology to recover prions from particular surfaces for RT-QuIC testing. PrioScout™ provides a standardized surface for repeat swabbing.

Ultra-Sensitive Testing

PrioScout™ swabs are sent to Priogen's lab and tested using the most sensitive prion test available, RT-QuIC.

PrioScout™ usage examples*

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Deploy PrioScout™ in deer or elk enclosures 1 to 2 months before transporting. Perform 2 to 3 swabbing events to screen for CWD prions. Help prevent movement of postive animals.

Continuous Surveillance

Why test once or twice a year, when you could test all year round? PrioScout™ provides ranchers with proactive and continuous CWD monitoring, ensuring peace of mind.

Active CWD Management

Has CWD already been found in your herd? Monitor for potential spread and identify which pens are positive using PrioScout™. Use our Tricision™ live-animal testing to confirm.

Results will be emailed to the customer within two weeks upon Priogen's receipt of the sample.

*Product is intended for use in high-fenced facilities. Follow all local, state, provincial, and federal laws.