Sheep & Goat Live Animal Testing

Priogen's Tricision™ live-animal prion disease testing approach can transform scrapie management through rapid and early detection. The approach utilizes RT-QuIC testing triangulation with three sample types, facilitating the detection of scrapie at early stages of disease. When combined with our flock/herd surveillance program, Tricision™ will help secure the sheep and goat industry, opening the door to future expansion.

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  • Oral Swab

    Scrapie prions are shed into the saliva of infected animals. An oral swab followed by RT-QuIC testing can identify the presence of misfolded prion proteins across multiple stages of the disease.

  • Nasal Swab

    A 2010 study by Bessen et al. concluded that nasal swabs could be leveraged for diagnosing scrapie and other prion diseases. Priogen performs RT-QuIC testing of nasal secretions as part of the Tricision approach.

  • Feces

    Scrapie prions are shed into sheep and goat feces throughout various stages of the disease. Priogen specializes in testing fecal samples for infectious prions using the RT-QuIC assay.

What makes Tricision™ superior to other methods?

  • Unlike traditional methods, all Tricision™ samples are secured using disposable tools, thus eliminating risk of introducing scrapie to new animals and herds through contaminated surgical tools. 

  • Tricision™ is minimally invasive and repeatable testing allows for early detection.

Results from tissues or a combination of samples directly from animals indicating a scrapie-positive or suspect animal will be reported to the appropriate State/Provincial/Federal agencies as required by law. (Note: please follow all state, provincial, and federal regulations for mandatory testing.)

The Science Behind Tricision

Prion diseases spread at different rates within infected animals and infectious prions appear in fluids and tissues at different times. For this reason, a multi-sample approach is the best way to identify scrapie positive animals during early, mid, and late stages of disease. Traditional methods focused on one tissue type do not account for disease timecourse.

Because Tricision™ uses 3 samples, the diagnostic sensitivity is increased, helping to account for variable prion shedding in a given animal.

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